A Holiday in your own Backyard

Time is precious these days and taking time off work during school holidays is a thing of the past for some families. Also being able to afford not only the time but also the money. But we have something for you all. This school holidays, lets go camping in our own back yards!

If you don’t have a tent or caravan of your own, then make one with the kids – depending on how cold it is at your place! Set up the camp just as you normally would.

At night time you can play these games – Spotto, Hide and seek in the dark, Star gazing – watching the stars and learning about them, camp fire stories, card games outside. Make sure if its cold you all huddle up in your sleeping bags. Make is authentic! Marshmellows on the fire (if you are allowed one) or the bbq if not!

Get the kids to cook dinner camping style, and no cheating! Check out some of our campfire recipes or Outback Cooking! Set your tv up on the window sill of your lounge room and watch tv under the stars!

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