Choose the Right Vehicle to Travel – ISUZU DMAX Ute

Choosing the right vehicle to travel around Australia on a road trip is no easy task, but by taking into consideration some essential factors you can make that choice the right one.
Functionality. Does it do the job you want it to? Size does matter! If you’re towing a large caravan around Australia you need a vehicle that has the grunt to pull the weight. For a smaller camper, a smaller vehicle may be ideal.
Who?? traveling with you? If it’s going to be a family holiday, plus the cat and dog, you need to be comfortable on those long road trips across Australia. Does it have a single cab, dual cab, is it a wagon?
Where will you go? Off road or on road? If you want to go off road, make sure your vehicle can handle the terrain. No point having a dream machine, if it doesn’t manage off road.
Fuel Economy. Petrol, diesel, gas? An important issue that could save a lot of money over many long Australian road trips.
Extras. Can extras be fitted like bull bars, snorkel, canopy? Many vehicles don’t allow this – so think ahead and don’t get taken over with emotion when you set eyes on what appears to be ideal.
The Price. When you tick off your checklist of all the features you need, what is out there in your price range?
Test Drive. Shop around. Test drive as many as you can. Even try your mates and families. It’s a major investment that will be part of your camping life, so it definitely pays to try before you buy.
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