7 Golden Rules For Budgeting

Fuel – always look for the cheapest fuel and stock up whenever you can! Ask others at the caravan park who have come from the way you are heading, as to where they found the cheapest fuel.
Food – Roadside buying is always the way to go. And try local markets. Stock up whenever its cheap!
Sightseeing – Dont pay too much! There are so many things you can do that are free, remember to research and visit the local Information Centres first.
Car Breakdowns – Put money aside for breakdowns. You never know when they will occur! Budget wisely and always budget for the worst.
Security – Dont travel at night and always lock everything up. If you are staying in a free stay, make sure you have others there. If its only you either drive to the next one or Be Careful!
Fully Comprehensive Insurance – An absolute must! It will cost you more at the outset but I can assure you it will save you heaps in the long run. You can not go on the road with out it.
Slush Fund – always have a cash slush fund, hidden away. For many reasons. Over spending being one and also if you were to lose your wallet or cards, you always have a cash stash.

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