The Cheapest Holidays Ever!

HOLIDAYING ON THE CHEAP – Caravanning & Camping

Whenever someone enters lotto they dream of a holiday, if they win that’s the first thing they are going to do. Why wait until you have the luck of winning lotto? Travel now!

Over the past 8 years we have been on and off the road, with and with out our children at various times, all the while loving every moment.

Australia is not an expensive place to travel, don’t get me wrong it can be if you would like it to be by visiting some of the worlds most luxurious resorts Australia has to offer, however if you are travelling on a budget like thousands of other Australians, enjoying the laid back bang for your buck holiday has some thing for everyone – Caravanning & Camping.


Caravanning or camping your way to some of Australia’s best attributes no mater your path in life if for some a trip of a life time. While on the road, in a caravan park, a national park or a free stay everyone is an equal. Over the years we have managed to stay at quite a few caravan parks – where the kids can amuse themselves for days or weeks on end. The recent numbers of travellers annually tripping around this great land, has meant now, that the travellers are the big winners. Todays holiday parks range from 3 to 5 star, with spas, gyms, kids clubs play grounds, cafes and bars, they are truly equipped for everyone’s tastes and needs.

A favourite pass time for me is sitting back in the deck chair watching people arrive and set up. The new traveller has a few attempts to get the van in the correct spot ( it can be challenging in some tight spots ), the flip side is watching in awe as the seasoned travellers arrive, hop out and perform a syncronised swimming routine around the van in 10 minutes flat and its all set up, clock work at its finest.

Everyone must have a few trail runs first around the home, tents in the back yard, caravan in the drive way, even to the extent of driving down the local football ground in a large carpark when no one is around and practise the dreaded reverse parking.

Many travellers love the thought of jumping in the car and being able drive where ever in the country they like at the drop of a hat!


But a trip around Australia does need a little research and planning Our wonderland offers so much for everyone so when considering a weekend away, a week long holiday or journey for months do some research and planning before you head off.

Some of the destinations that are etched into our memory of great caravanning and camping spots are: Cooktown with its rich history, the great fishing, a great holiday park and the weather was just right to enjoy it all. Then there was Fraser Island, the magical sand island full of majestic Australian wilderness just ready for you to explore. Lakes Entrance with the beach, local parks and gardens and great fish and chips. Then there was Halls Gap again a place with something for everyone, the caravan park with 5 star kids entertainment, wildlife was like the parks furniture, great bush walks for the adventurous, with a cultural centre set to educate the kids.

Across Australia we have brilliant little pockets of international influence one which stands out for us was Harndorf, only 30 min from South Australia’s capital Adelaide. Set in the Adelaide Hills, Harndorff has a remarkable German influence, the main street is littered with Struudle shops, salamis and of course the traditional German beer, in a litre glass of course! Highly recomended is a sample plater at the Hardorf Inn with sourcroute and bratwhurst sausages, it is as good as you will find thousands of kilometres away in Germany itself.


It is often not always all about the places you go yet the people you meet. Sitting back in the deck chair settling in for the 3pm beer and chair catch up with fellow travellers. Many see this as the Grey Nomads sanctuary, but ever increasing is families and the up and coming inspiring nomads all coming together over a drink around the holiday park grounds. Over the years we have not only met wonderful people but also made some great lifelong friends which we often run into in some unique places, while on the road. We have met some of the most interesting people too, with life stories straight out of a movie script. It is these people who make travelling Australia by road so memorable.

Travelling in a motorhome, caravan or camping is all about the Memories and the Experience. Great family time together, a chance to meet new friends and see all that this great country has to offer. And with prices so good, there is no better than than now, to get out there and do it!


  • Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today! Get out there and start travelling!
  • The Caravan & Camping self drive industry is the fastest growing in this country.

We travel with an Isuzu 7 Seater MUX 4wd or our DMax Ute towing our New Age Gecko Caravan – all decked out specially for families!

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