Sports Clinics

At Your School sports clinics…

Spida’s Sports Clinics are about passing on his invaluable knowledge on fitness and health as we travel Australia in a fun, informative and energetic way. Spida and the team at the Great Australian Doorstep think that visiting primary schools while on our Australian travels makes the trip all that more exciting.

Along with our “Lifestyles of the young and healthy magazine” we come to your class for around about 90 minutes working through particular activities. Which include the environment, being active, choosing the right foods and most important helping you realise how important some of the information is, so you can pass it on to other school kids. Be quick and register as we can be in any small Australian town at any time especially when we are not filming our TV travel show. All schools around Australia are considered and we will be moving fast on covering all states and territories.

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