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The Great Australian Doorstep is a travel TV show, hosted by Peter Spida Everitt, that shows off the smaller Australian towns, how great they are, the people who live there and why they are a brilliant choice for a family holiday. We explore the variety of things to see and do around town and show how lucky the locals are as it’s on their doorstep. It could be a natural wonder, a secret spot, a local legend, anything that shows what a great unique Aussie town it is. And we aim to do it all by caravan, staying at some amazing caravan parks and even the Australian Outback – proving that Self drive Holidays are the best!

We intend to encourage school children to be proud of their town and Australia in general. Keep it clean, recycle and at the same time eat healthy and be active. More importantly help them educate other children to follow their lead, even the older kids at heart, their parents.

We film caravan, RV, 4wding and camping holidays in Australia, New Zealand, China, Alaska, Canada and mainland USA! All while keeping a close eye on the budget and loving the self drive holiday lifestyle.



Peter “Spida” Everitt…

Morning! I have been fortunate enough to establish a long career in AFL Football. I have played at 3 clubs, St Kilda Saints, Hawthorn Hawks and Sydney Swans over a 16 year career of 327 games and am now part of the prestigious AFL 300 Club. I have many interests but none more so than going local, meeting and greeting the good Aussie folk.  Caravanning and camping is definately something I love doing and want to take to the next level and allow others to show off what they have right on their Doorstep, all around Australia and the world. I also love the excitement of grabbing an RV in a foreign country and exploring self-drive holidays in China, Alaska, Canada, USA & New Zealand! We have had so much fun making The Great Australian Doorstep travel TV & Radio shows and I just cant get enough of it!! You can also catch me weekdays hosting the GoldFM 92.5 breakfast radio show on the Gold Coast,  #1 in South East Queensland.



Sheree Everitt…

Working in travel since the day I left school all those years ago. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world by plane or boat and sometimes by train or car. Now I have totally turned my back on the 5 star hotels. You honestly cannot get a better family holiday than caravan and camping and going on a self drive holiday. Hooking up at amazing caravan parks and experiencing small Australian towns. A born Kiwi, I have braced myself for an eye opening, at times challenging but for filling travelling experience, hooking up at amazing holiday parks and caravan parks. We have met some of the most amazing locals on our travels through the smaller holiday towns and made many lifelong friends. I urge you all to get out there and try it too!

I also love exploring internationally, and of course love showing off my homeland New Zealand as well as Alaska, USA, Canada & China!

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